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Ayurmantra Treatments

Digestive System Conditions

- Hyperacidity, Indigestion
- Piles,Constipation, Fissure
- Amoebiasis, IBS

Joint Related Conditions

- Arthirits, Heel pain
- Shoulder & neck pain
- Backache, Sciatica
- Paralysis

Respiratory System

- Chronic Cough & Cold
- Asthma
- Allergy, Sinusitis

Beauty Treatments

- Acne / Pimples
- Pigmentation/Tanning
- Ageing skin
- Hairfall, Dandruff

Gynecological Conditions

- Irregular Menses
- Menopausal Problem
- Leucorrhea

For Childrens

- Chronic cold and Cough
- Low immunity
- Study problems
- Poor Concentration
- Suvarnaprashan Sanskara

Ayurvedic Treatments

- Insomnia/Sleeplessness
- Diabetes, Dry eye
- Migraine/Headache
- Weight loss & gain
- Urinary/Kidney stone

Skin Treatment

- Psoriasis
- Eczeema
- Other skin problems

Garbhasanskara / Acne-natal care Classes

Yoga, Meditation & Chanting therapy
for healthy baby & motherhood
through Ayurveda ang Yoga

Eye Treatment
This Tratement is based on Ayurvedic principles . Eye drops, internal medicines and therapies like :Netra basti. Netra tarpan. Leech therapy, Nasya etc. are given to the patient as per their constitution. Specific ophthalmic exercises are very much helpful. Balancing five principles (Panchamahabutas) of body & mind are helpful for eye conditions. You can join these treatment by taking appointment personally or by filing our online consulation form.

Obesity Weight Loss
Normal duration for weight reduction treatment is 3 - 4 weeks. In this period the person has been put in to various therapies like Udvartanam, Dhanyamla Dhara, Abhyangam & Medicated steam bath. Udvartanam is a specialized Ayurveda herbal massage treatment for effective weight reduction.