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Back & Neck Treatment

Complete All-Natural Back Care with Lasting Result

Back pain is a very common health complaint, affecting up to eighty percent of the population at some point in their lives. Back pain may be a result of mechanical causes (strains from prolonged wrong posture etc), degenerative conditions, infection, inflammation, bone disease, referred pain from other areas of the body and psychogenic pain (originating in the mind rather than the body).

There are many treatment options for back pain and most of them stretch the tight muscles and even correct the skeletal mis-alignment. In most cases this is relieving - temporarily. None of then address the deep issues such as emotional stress or tissue depletion directly. Understanding pain is vital here. What causes a musculo-skeletal pain?

Muculo-Skeletal Back and Neck Pain
When a tissue is overused and under nourished, it gets depleted, and looses its elasticity and flexibility. It proceeds into tightness, constriction or stiffness an next into pain or discomfort. In the final states we loose ability to function properly due to serious and severe damage.

Effective therapies
Effective but brief course of Panchkarma therapies for chronic back and neck pain. Usually with a course of 5 therapies you pain subsides. Most musculo-skeletal conditions respond instantly to this ancient therapy that is adapted to modern times with high potency herbal medicines and Yoga.

Herbo-Thermal Panchakarma Therapy (HTPT)
Our advanced HTPT treatment relaxes and improves the circulation in the affected tissues with its warmth and the high potency herbal oil/medicines repairs and rebuilds the tissues, giving us lasting results. Performed daily, many clients are pain-free!

Powerful, Safe therapies
After a consultation all suitable clients receive a course of Herbo-Thermal Panchakarma therapy (HTPT). A week later they receive an assessment. Usually the pain and discomforts are subsided up to 100% this time in most cases. HTPT is relaxing and non-invasive.

Lasting results
When the damaged soft tissues are nourished, repaired and well rested, they should function as new and normal. HTPT program encourages this.