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Skin Care

Ayurvedic Facials:

Our facials begin with a skilled, licensed and experienced professional who analyzes your skin and makes appropriate recommendations for your optimal skin health, customizing your treatment to your specific condition—acne, aging, hyper-pigmentation, etc.

We use organic, preservative-free Ayurvedic products and potent regenerative herbs. Our Ayurvedic facials blend Ayurvedic tradition with facial massage to treat blemishes, maintaining healthy skin and glowing complexion.

A reviving head, neck and shoulder massage and Marma massage combined with subtle ayurvedic therapies (karna, nasya, aroma, herbs. etc), increase the flow of prana (chi) to relieve stress, tension and fatigue. A soothing foot massage will deepen relaxation, bringing a renewed sense of balance to body and mind. The energy within the 7 layers of the Skin will be delightfully rekindled and your inner peace restored.

Our gentle herbal exfoliant deep cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenates the skin, while our fruit massage will improve circulation and restore radiance to the skin.

Mukhabhyanga | Ayurvedic Facial

- Anti Aging Mukhabyanga
- Anti Pigmentation Mukhabyanga
- Anti Tanning Mukhabhyanga
- Rejuvenating Mukhabyanga